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What is the revenue split of the Group by segment?

In FY18, our sales contribution from post-production and content production are approximately 40% and 60% respectively. (FY17: 100% contributed from post-production services). Vividthree has made a strategic decision to focus on content production going forward, with target to increase higher sales contribution from content production from FY18 over the long term.  


What is the number of employees and average tenure of the Group?

As at 31 March 2018, Vividthree has 41 employees, with an average tenure of 3 to 4 yrs.


Services include: Offline Editing; Online Editing and Grading; Visual Effects


Who are your target customers?

Movies, TV, Commercials, Exhibition


Content Production

To develop and/or acquire digital intellectual property (IP) assets to produce virtual reality (VR) products such as thematic tour shows. Vividthree may choose to (i) license these VR products to third parties or (ii) sell these digital IPs on an outright basis.


Train to Busan (TTB) VR Tour Show Set

How did Vividthree secure the Train to Busan VR IP rights?

Vividthree secured the Train to Busan VR IP rights through the cinema network of its parent company, mm2 Asia Ltd. - showcasing again the complementary nature and enormous potential for Vividthree to tap on its parent company’s network to scale and grow.


Can you tell us more about the VR Tour Show Set?

We try to immerse the customers into scenes of the movie using virtual reality to create a highly simulative experience. Our attractions include a 5D VR roller coaster ride, a VR zombie shooting gallery and a VR escape zombie train.

  • The set is highly modular and the size can be adjusted according to venue to fit our target customers like themeparks or shopping malls (who have been seeking out new attractions to drive traffic to their malls). The maximum size of our set is approximately 900 sqm, with 3 zones of VR gameplay and can accommodate up to 36 people/zone each time.

  • Average ticket price is starting from S$28 for the entire experience of 25-45 minutes, which is highly affordable (for our target audience who are between 14 to 45 years old)


How long do you need to build a VR set?

Approximately 3 to 6 months

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